How to prevent mold in your wooden cabinet effectively and quickly?

Mold can wreak havoc in the filing cabinets or other properties in your office or home. If you do not want them to be damaged, you should prevent it as soon as possible. Here are ways to clean moldy cabinets and how to avoid mold effectively, saving time that you can do easily.

Cause furniture mold

The moldy wooden furniture will look very unsightly and can cause a host of health issues too. These aggressive fungi can often go unnoticed in the cabinets beneath your sink until they have caused a major issue. Before consulting a few ways to remove mold from your wooden furniture, let’s take a look at a few causes of mold in your wooden furniture, because the secret to controlling them is creating an environment that prevents their growth.


This is the cause that no one wants, but it is still unavoidable. Mold and mildew are both fungi that thrive in warm, moist environments. Because they do not need sunlight to grow and reproduce, these tiny organisms can grow under your sink, in your walls or on nearly any surface that is consistently damp.

Due to misuse:

Wood furniture may become moldy also because we misuse it. For example, we often put the cup of very cold or very hot water directly on the wooden furniture (table surface), which will eventually make your item moldy.

Because of the millet position:

If your furniture is next to the wall. Also, due to weather conditions will cause moisture to your interior.

How to fix moldy furniture simply and effectively?

If your wooden furniture is not too long or damaged too badly, you can apply the following simple methods:


For furniture that has mild mold. You can bring your furniture to the sun. (Dry your furniture in the morning, after defrosting, and bring it inside after dark.)

Use of Vodka:

Vodka also works quite well in this case. You put Vodka in a spray bottle and spray on moldy interior equipment. Then wipe it soft with a soft cloth.

Preventing mold with natural materials

There are many types of natural ingredients available around us that have excellent moisture-proof properties, some of which are:

Tea leaves: Put tea leaves in a bucket cloth bag or wrap with newspaper. You place the sink in the corner of the file cabinet, or places at risk of high mold moisture. Thus not only can dehumidify, deodorize but it also does not cause side effects.

Coffee grounds: Coffee grounds work well for desiccating and deodorizing mold. After using coffee, drying residue is placed in bucket cloth bags or old socks. After that, it became an effective moisture-proof bag that was too simple.

Lime: Lime can be placed in an unopened box. Should be placed in the corner of the cabinet, in wet weather. Hydrated lime is very good so it can help you reduce the risk of mold mold in wood.

Activated carbon: Activated carbon has a good dehumidifying and dehumidifying effect. However, you should put them in boxes or encapsulated in paper to avoid contaminating the surrounding objects.

Newspapers: Can be covered with a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the cabinet, even pasted newspaper on the inside of the cabinet. Because newspapers can not only absorb moisture, against mold, but also the smell of ink can repel insects.

Effective use of FILM WASAP moisturizer

Film Wasap moisture repellent is designed to fight mold-causing germs on wooden surfaces. When you use moisturizers, they will suck mold-causing germs in humid, moldy weather. Order to buy Wasap mold-proofing products if you want to protect your cabinets, walls and wooden floors.


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