Thermosetting resin laminates RISHOLITE® Phenolic/Epoxy resin products are a kind of plastic composite made from reinforced materials such as: paper, cotton or glass impregnated with thermosetting resin. RISHOLITE® products can offer excellent electrical insulation, mechanical strength, heat stability, wear resistance and economy to different degrees depending on the type of reinforcement used. Properties ‣ Excellent in […]

Thermosetting Phenolic laminates

Thermosetting resin laminates The phenolic resin which was invented by a Belgian-born American chemist Baekeland has been under development for over 100 years. It is still widely used as an industrial material with excellent cost-performance due to its well-balanced performance such as electrical insulation, strength, and heat resistance. Laminated sheets are made from reinforcement materials […]

Thermosetting Phenolic/Epoxy laminated Tube &Rod

Thermosetting Phenolic/Epoxy laminated Tube RISHOLITE® resin laminated tubes are made by stacking a predetermined number of prepregs impregnated and semi-cured with thermosetting phenol resin or epoxy resin on paper, cotton cloth or glass fabric, rolled onto a mandrel, and cured by heat and pressure. Although it is a plastic tube, it has reinforcement materials such […]

Glass/Epoxy laminates

Paper/ Glass based Epoxy laminates: Glass/ Epoxy laminates are a range of plastic materials made from epoxy resin reinforced with glass, paper, or fabric This combination of materials results in excellent properties such as electrical insulation, heat resistance, mechanical strength, and chemical resistance. Take advantage of these features, the sheet can be cut into parts […]