USE Electronics Company Limited was founded in Apr 1975 in Taipei, Taiwan, with its head office in Taiwan and 16 branch offices located in Taiwan, China and Southeast Asia.

As a role of a general trading company with accumulated experiences over the decades, USE group has been creating amicable relationships between people who represent their respective governments, regions and other relevant aspects of transactions through its international and commercial trading activities.

Outstanding products:

+ Electronics Department: Semiconductor Device, Electronic Components

+ Electro-mechanics Department: Sensors and Measurements, CKD Equipment Products, Industrial Controllers, Movable Components

+ Machinery department: Architecture Glass Cutting systems, Furniture Glass CNC working Center, Decorative Glass CNC working Center, High quality Glass Bevelling/Polishing machines, Glass Tempering and Bending Equipment, Glass Window Decorative Films, Glass Bottle Production Line and materials, Glass Inspection instruments, Security systems for hypermarket and supermarket

+ Development Department: Windup Machines for Lithium Batteries, High precision brush polisher, General Purpose Handlers, X-ray Inspection Equipment, Lithium Ion Battery Leak Inspection Equipment, Cells for Solar Cells, Phosphate Lithium Ion Batteries, LED Lighting Equipment, Electronic Accessory for Printed Circuit Boards, Electronic Materials for White Substrates on LED Lighting, Electronic Materials for Solder Flow Pallets

+ Food product Department: Processed agricultural products, Alcoholic Beverages and so on

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