The three types of Epoxy, Phenolic and Polyester resins are the most common thermosetting resins, the three most widely used products, which have the most widespread applications in thermosetting systems. Epoxy resins contain special Epoxy origin, especially light Benzoante, Ete and active groups, polar groups, so Epoxy resins have all the advantages Vietnamese. Compared with other thermosetting plastics, Epoxy Resin has a variety of types, with additional substances such as catalysts, denaturing agents, additives, etc.These combinations can be created. different plastic. From this it is possible to obtain many outstanding performance resins, with solid Epoxy resins. Curing agents are almost applicable and can meet the requirements of different usability and technologies. This solid resins cannot be compared to light.


  – Made from fiberglass fabric without alkali soaked in solution Phenol Epoxy, heated and dried. – Bearing good mechanical and dielectric properties, other heat-resistant (grade B) and wet resistant, good machinability. – Suitable for electrical components in electrical equipment, electronics, generators, motors. – Also used in wet and oil environments of transformers.


– Epoxy panel consists of insulating resins FR4, PL5, PLASTER 3240, PLASTIC 3250 by an electronic cloth dedicated to phenolic epoxy resin sheets and various materials at high temperature high pressure hot laminate pressing plates. – With high mechanical properties and dielectric properties, good sound insulation and heat resistance, warm resistance, and good machinability application. Using motors, electrical equipment as structural parts, it is also used Widely used and in wet environment and transformer oil for PCB testing. – As BAKELITE insulation plastic is paper insulation soaked sheets with a dip with phenolic resin, through baking, hot pressing. This product is suitable for high-performance requirements of transformers. – Good mechanical strength, suitable for packaging PCB industry, combs and so on. It applies to electric bong. – Orange black orange-board is modified tung oil phenol resin, 3240 resin with the addition of bleached colored foil paper soaked plates with pressing hot, mainly used in engines and equipment as structural parts , it can also be used in the accessory industry, perforated bottom pallets and plastic sheet molds, drilling each comb bakelite, etc. for use, very flexible. – Products from common plastics, phenolic resins and cotton models are resins 3025, 3026, 3027, 3208, and have good electrical and mechanical properties under normal conditions. – This product is suitable for electrical engineering, electronic components and equipment which need some mechanical and electrical properties, and can be used in transformer oil. – Imported main Pepreg materials, white, yellow, green, still at room temperature below 130ᵒc high mechanical strength, wet and dry electric and water-electric properties, used for electricity and electricity and other industries synthetic insulation section: dedicated with alkali-free fiberglass cloth electroplated epoxy, phenolic plastic sheeting, after baking, hot pressing. – Performance: high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance and good processing ability, heat resistant grade is B. Suitable use for PCB inspection rules, and electrical graph fixtures, equipment such as structural parts, and in wet conditions and transformers.