Risho Kogyo is a well-known high reputation manufacturer in the plastic industry in Japan, which has a hundred years of history since its establishment. With its core technologies are laminating technology and casting technology, Risho Kogyo manufactures electronic material, insulating material, engineering plastics, and cast epoxy electrical equipment. USE Electronics Vietnam, which is the official commercial representative of Risho Kogyo Japan, is authorized to undertake and develop the sales of  Ricocel and other products manufactured by itself in the Vietnam market.



          Manufactured by Risho Kogyo, RICOCEL® has proven to be one of the most reliable, long-lasting, cost-efficient materials for making PCB soldering pallets In plastic industries, Ricocel is known as an optimal heat-resistant material and is highly regarded by a lot of reputable manufacturers. The material has all the preeminent properties when used in the electronics industry such as: – Excellent durability proved with the fact that more than 20,000 times of repetitive soldering could be performed. – Excellent mechanical strength that enables the design of pallet flexibly – Excellent chemical resistance against soluble flux which is one of the degradation factors of solder pallets. – Excellent durability without Teflon coating achieves the cost-cut or speed-up in pallet making. – A lot of delivery records to major EMS manufacturers (Asia and Europe) show the reliability of Ricocel


Loss on heat of 300oC

         The above graph shows the test result of loss on heat of 300oC which is higher than the temperature of flow soldering. ES-3261A (RICOCEL) has less reduction in weight than other company’s pallet material.


Bending strength/ Flexural modulus


RICOCEL has so enough strength that thin wall or thin bottom part of solder pallet has also excellent mechanical strength. Therefore, flexible design of pallet can be achieved.  


Applications of Ricocel materials


* Ricocel is manufactured and developed to serve specifically in soldering (wave soldering and reflow soldering) in the electronic component processing and manufacturing industry. The products are mainly used as jigs, mounting plates, PCB drilling processes, detailed protective materials …