Thermosetting resin laminates

RISHOLITE® Phenolic/Epoxy resin products are a kind of plastic composite made from reinforced materials such as: paper, cotton or glass impregnated with thermosetting resin. RISHOLITE® products can offer excellent electrical insulation, mechanical strength, heat stability, wear resistance and economy to different degrees depending on the type of reinforcement used.


‣ Excellent in every property such as insulating resistance ,mechanical strength , dimensional stability ‣ Excellent in electrical properties in high humidity conditions ‣ Applicable for punching due to its mechanical strength ‣ Good at electric insulation property ‣ Excellent in impact resistance ‣ Excellent in Frame retardance as well as Heat resistance


                                                                                                                                                                                                          ‣ Insulating or mechanical parts for switchboard ,breaker, transformer or railcar  ‣ Insulating plate or mechanical parts for switchboard breaker, transformer or railcar ‣ Punching parts for such as rotary switch with impact resistance ‣ Bearing or heavy load machinery with impact strength ‣ Mechanical parts, heavy electric equipment, breaker, copier or scanner ‣ Insulating spacer, heat insulating material ‣ Terminal insulator ,insulating washer, heavy electric equipment and so on