Through hole tap ( For Surface Mounting )

 THB series                                                                                                                   

● A chip mounter can be used for this spacer.
● A spacer can be fit on a PC board just by automatically loading it on the PC board and carrying out reflow.
● Insert a screw from the part face and fit it to the threaded hole on the chassis to fit and raise the PC board above
the chassis.
● Tape-and-reel has an adsorption film. Please remove by pushing it from the opposite side after reflow.
● The jig for removing adsorption films (Part No.: TH-JIG) is available.
● Material: Brass
● Finish: Tin plating over nickel base

● Adaptive printed board thickness: t1.6
(There is no problem if it is used for other board thickness.)

● Please use the automatic mounter of automatic recognition type.