Spacer for SMT

Spacer for surface mounting (M3 type)  ⁂⁂⁂  3SSF series A chip mounter can be used for this spacer. No adsorption film. Please directly adsorb. Please fit to the surface mounting board and solder by reflow. This can be used for various purposes such as fitting a panel, fitting to housing, and supplying electric wire. Material: […]

Resin type Hexagon shape

Spacer of hexagon shape for printed board  Application: Used for fitting a printed board to a chassis and for two-tiered installation Material: Acetal copolymer(UL94HB), PEEK Ⓡ(UL94V-0), Special polyamide resin (UL94HB) Metal part: Brass, Nickel plating Color: Milky white, brown Operating temperature range:  − 40 to + 85℃,- 40 to + 125 ℃, − 40 to […]