Reflow Soldering Definitions and Methods

Definition Of Reflow Soldering Reflow Soldering is a process that uses a soldering paste. This will temporarily attach one or thousands of small electrical components to the contact pieces. They will help keep the entire heat resistant assembly under control. The solder will reflect in the molten state and create permanent welds. Heating can be […]

Overview of Surface-mount technology – SMT (Part II)

Chip-mounting technique in SMT surface packaging technology Different brands own different know-how and exclusive technology. They are different when making different types of chips mounted on SMT lines. However, the stages from loading to finished products are quite similar. The stages include: 1) Scan the solder alloy (solder paste) onto the bare board. 2) Mount […]

Overview of Surface-mount technology (SMT) (Part I)

The concept of Surface-mount technology (SMT) Welding technology of surface components – SMT. This is a method of attaching electronic components directly onto the surface of the board (PCB). The electronic component dedicated to this technology is called SMD. Currently, SMT has replaced most of the technology of packaging PCB components through holes. Accordingly electronic […]

Overview of Epoxy Plastic

The three types of Epoxy, Phenolic and Polyester resins are the most common thermosetting resins, the three most widely used products, which have the most widespread applications in thermosetting systems. Epoxy resins contain special Epoxy origin, especially light Benzoante, Ete and active groups, polar groups, so Epoxy resins have all the advantages Vietnamese. Compared with […]

Semi-conductors In Manufacturing Electronic Components

What is semi-conductor? Semiconductor (Semiconductor) is a substance that has an intermediate conductivity between conductors and insulators. Semiconductors act as an insulator at low temperatures and are electrically conductive at room temperature. Called “semiconductor” (the word “sell” in the meaning of Pinyin means half), because this substance can conduct electricity under certain conditions, or in […]

Characteristics of semi-conductor materials

The name “semi-conductor” is widely known, so what is semiconductor? What is semi-conductor? Semiconductors are substances that have special electrical properties. A substance that allows current to flow through is called an electrical conductor. Besides, a substance that does not allow electricity to flow through is called an insulator. Semiconductors are substances that have an […]

Types of circuit boards – PCB printed circuits and Printed Electronics.

PCB BOARDS – Printed Circuit Board (PCB) They are electrical circuit boards that use the printing method to shape conductive circuits and component connections on insulating panels. PCB was invented by Paul Eisler while working on a radio in 1936. A PCB made of plastic or fiberglass contains ICs and other components. Manufacturing printed circuit […]